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The awards

These are the awards you can win this year:
Most Active Wiki
Most Original Wiki
Best Content
Weird & Wonderful - 2014 - The Golden Anvil AwardsWeird & Wonderful - 2014 - The Golden Anvil AwardsWeird & Wonderful - 2014 - The Golden Anvil Awards
Most Organized Wiki
Best Staff
Most Improved
Weird & Wonderful - 2014 - The Golden Anvil AwardsWeird & Wonderful - 2014 - The Golden Anvil AwardsWeird & Wonderful - 2014 - The Golden Anvil Awards

Most Popular Wiki

Weird & Wonderful - 2014 - The Golden Anvil Awards

Best Wiki
Weird & Wonderful - 2014 - The Golden Anvil Awards
After the judges have selected their choices, the winners of each will move on to go against the winners of the other nine categories for the Category of the Year awards.

List of nominees

(This section will house the mastheads of each wiki nominated in the threads below.)
Zombie Preparedness Wiki
The Social Paranormal Network
Supernatural Wiki

Other categories
EducationEmergingFans Gone WildHobby HoundsPopular Media
Role PlaySportsSupernaturalWarrior CatsWeird & Wonderful

Please leave your nominations for this category in the form of a thread. Once a site has been added to the list, the thread will be locked. Please do not second nominations, as it only serves to confuse the judges. Also, do not nominate wikis without the permission of the staff of the wiki you are nominating.

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CaptainSpaz Judge's Choice - Weird & Wonderful 2014 0 Nov 28 2014, 1:29 AM EST by CaptainSpaz
Thread started: Nov 28 2014, 1:29 AM EST  Watch
There were a few new additions to this category, one of which ended up winning Most Original...that being Joanne Cockerill Design. It has changed a bit since earlier years, now including stories and role playing, elements the other nominees in this category don't have.

Like last year, this was a tough decision between Zombie Prep and Supernatural, but Supernatural is still the Best Wiki in this category. It has the Best Content, it is the Most Organized, and the Most Active. It is still the go-to-site for all things regarding the Supernatural TV show.

Zombie Prep has the Best Staff, and it was the Most Improved, since they have done a great job of neatly organizing their pages since last year. However, the homepage and other pages are designed rather simplistically in comparison to Supernatural Wiki's pages, and that was the key factor in Supernatural winning.
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Zee-Man Wierd and Wonderful Nominations 1 Jun 7 2014, 12:57 AM EDT by CaptainSpaz
Thread started: Jun 6 2014, 5:51 PM EDT  Watch

Zombie Preparedness Wiki (Formerly ZSDW)

ZPW continues to grow, despite the stumbling blocks we have all had to overcome.

ZPW continues to be the most original stemming, not from zombies, but from our real life applications

ZPW has a continuing tradition of fun and education rolled into one yielding the best content

ZPW's organizational geniuses have been hard at work cleaning up vagaries and making the site so much easier to navigate.

ZPW staff members have had a hard go of it this year, we have had to make some hard decisions, but in the end we have a happy community.

ZPW is on a steady track of growth through our forums and through our pages, why we even have a public blog section! And so we keep improvement up to the highest degree.

ZPW has over 17 Thousand members with folks so dedicated they have found us even with BOTH a name change and a change of URL, how popular is that!

ZPW is commited to providing an enjoyable environment for its members to come to relax and learn a few things, not to mention debate long into the night whether zombies will be shamblers or rages; THAT is what makes us the BEST wiki

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