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Rules & Regulations for entering your wiki in the Golden Anvil Awards

Section 1: Entry
A. Age of wiki.
  • Your wiki must be at least 30 days old by the time nominations close. Any wiki younger than 30 days will not stand a chance of being selected for any awards.
B. Your wiki must be public.
  • Your wiki must be publicly viewable at all times,otherwise it will be impossible for the judges to visit your wikis and judge them.
  • If your wiki becomes private at any time after nominations close, it will be disqualified from the judge's choice selections, but is still eligible for Most Popular Wiki.
Section 2: Nominations
A. Number of categories.
  • Wikis may only be nominated in one category.
    • The only exception is if your wiki also qualifies for the Emerging category.
B. Do not nominate a wiki without the permission of that wiki's staff
  • You must either be a staff member of the nominated wiki, or have the permission of a staff member of the nominated wiki, to nominate a wiki.
C. Do not second nominations.
  • Not only is it unnecessary to second nominations, it is also distracting to the judges. Seconding nominations makes it harder for us to see new threads for other wikis.
D. There must be at least three wikis nominated in a category
  • If there are less than three wikis nominated in any category, the wikis will be moved to the Weird & Wonderful category.
Section 3: Winning & Losing
A. Be a good sport.
  • If you win, it is alright to brag, but don't flame other sites/users with your boasting.
  • If you lose, don't whine and complain. It is unbecoming. Also, you should take your loss as a chance toimprove your wikis for next year!
B. Winning does not disqualify you.
  • If your wiki wins, you may still enter next year!
Section 4: Voting
A. You may only vote once for Most Popular Wiki award and Most Popular Wiki of the Year Award.
  • If the judge's determine that cheating is occuring in the polls,your wiki may be disqualified.
B. Ties
  • In the event of a tie, the Head Judge is the tiebreaker.
Section 5: Judges
A. Judges may not vote in a category if they are an active member in any of the nominated wikis.
Section 6: Emerging category
A. Emerging wikis must be created during the specified time frame: From the day after the previous awards win through 30 days before the nomination period closes.
B. Exceptions can be made if it is an older wiki that has not been open yet, or if it is a re-emerging wiki. A re-emerging wiki is a derelict wiki that is taken over by new staff.

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